Friday, May 17, 2013

This was predictable: Vision 2015 poised to become Vision 2020

Originally it was Vision 2012.

Then, when it became evident that the corporate donors weren't coming across with the promised money, it became Vision 2015.

I have been predicting for about two years now that with 2015 just around the corner it would be time to move the goal posts again.

I thought Vision 2020 would be a lame enough visual pun and give Rodel et al a long enough timeline to keep avoiding accountability.

Sure enough, here's a quote from their invite to a big event next week:
"Rodel is hosting an event to officially announce the foundation’s new mission to help Delaware become a global leader in public education by 2020, and to acknowledge all the work we’ve collectively accomplished in getting to this point."
The problem is that Rodel, and Governor Markell, all really do think that the public (and the General Assembly) is so stupid that they won't notice what's happening.

Based on prior experience here, they're right.


Anonymous said...

Shouldnt they maybe look in the mirror and say "Hey, we failed to make an impact by 2012 and then again by 2015, maybe we should close our doors."

Imagine being Paul Herdmann and getting a quarter mil a year and having absolutely NO accountability. And imagine that salary and your performance review where all your goals are "not met' and still keeping a job.

I'm telling you, the education game is the racket to be in!

Hube said...

Oh goodie. (/sarcasm) Maybe I can sic Arno Stark on 'em ...

Nancy Willing said...

Rodel gave a consultant 30K a few years ago to redo the Christina LOGO because - the usual stretch - it would be good for the children to have a more 'inspired' design. The design replacement was to turn the river and tributary logo into a sunburst. Sooooo original.....
I noticed that the district used the new logo for a month or two and has never used it again.
Even if Rodel decided to expend Herdman's quarter million into something more directly related to assisting educators, they'd likely just waste it.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I think we need a summit to write DPAS-II reviews for Murphy, Herdman and Markell, then publish them. We can use data from this years DCAS, whaddya say?

kavips said...

Since both of you are here, let me run this by you.. Was I wrong in my read of SB51 that it would disrupt or bypass all practices of tenure, in that the test would be applied to all teachers, and not just new ones?

No hurry now post passage, but in you leisure, if you could look over the part that erases those who were previously grandfathered in before 2003, without replacing any grandfathering in for any current teacher... My read was that this then enables the DOE to fire anyone based on arbitrary low testing scores, whereas before if someone had been teaching well for 40 years and was one year away from retirement, they would have been protected? Of course, firing someone for cause has big implications for the amount of pension they will receive.... and bad test scores is a "cause."

I was kind of surprised that the broadside I fired, bounced off with no notice from the DSEA.. Was I mistaken in how this could be interpreted by some future administration?