Saturday, December 7, 2013

Comment rescue: the Underground Railroad caused violence in Wilmington

At first when I read this comment on the story kilroy linked about Councilwoman Shabazz blaming violence in Wilmington I thought it was satire--bad satire, but satire nonetheless.

Then I read it again.  Oh, boy.

But first, some context:  the sheer idiocy of blaming violence in Wilmington on the long-lasting impact of slavery is that to do so does exactly what so many people would like to do:  it makes the violence about race and not about poverty, a crumbling city, and personal choice.  I won't even go into the fact that in Wilmington if you were to try to make this argument you would be arguing about Jim Crow, desegregation, and the failure of progressive politics, NOT the impact of slavery.

Yet let us not detract from the comment of the day: 

Wilmington was a dumping ground for the Underground Railroad. Thank the progressive social engineers of the pre-civil war period for giving us the gift that keeps on giving. The South had "slaves" that were loved and treated like family, just like Gone With The Wind. There were others who ran away to Wilmington with a chip on their shoulder.
The last 60 years of modern social engineering were the nails in the casket of this once thriving city. I blame people like Joe Biden who was a rabid supporter of forced busing in the 70's . The liberals dismantled civilization in Delaware and it was not just politicians, but also the blind liberal Christians.
p.s. - Look at all the shootings, murders and crime that are near the 4th & West location that assisted the runaways. The heyday of Wilmington was reached in 1880 when we had approximately 50,000 ? manufacturing jobs. Now we have next to nothing and what's left is fading fast.
Thanks, Michael Pawlikowksi, for setting us all straight.

The fate of Wilmington was sealed before 1861 by the people who let those damn darkies get away from the plantations where they had free housing, free food, free healthcare, and foresighted white masters who could whip the shit out of them when their barbaric tendencies emerged.

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Anonymous said...

If we shot those coming up the stairs out of the underground railroad, the author of the link, is implying that we wouldn't now be having this problem...

A stitch in time... saves nine ... millimeters...