Sunday, December 22, 2013

UPDATED: When Delaware passes HB 88, who's going to take away David Grimaldi's guns?

An important note:  Nancy Willing argues vehemently that this post smears Mr. Grimaldi, and that he certainly has his own side to these lurid stories, as she argues herehere, and here, among other places.  Moreover, Nancy tells me (I wouldn't know) that Mr. Grimaldi doesn't even own a gun.  That said, I think she misses the overall point of the post in her anger that I chose her friend to use to make that point.  And, I've made the point more clearly above.  But if you get the linkage to Minority Report and the reference to a Pre-Crimes Unit, then you'll get the point.  If not, read the post above for a more explicit explanation.

The whole point of the resurrected HB 88 is to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally unstable and potentially violent, right?

So I'm just wondering if, in the brave new world where the Delaware State Police, New Castle County Police, and Wilmington Police each establish their Pre-Crimes Unit ala the world of Minority Report, who gets the job of going to David Grimaldi's house to take away his guns?
David Grimaldi, need I say more? Guy never does anything wrong, trouble just seems to follow him. Mindin’ his own business at Luigi Vitrone’s Pastabilities, when this Arcaro guy picks a fight with him.  Apparently over the ‘N’ word or something. County cops show up b/c Grimaldi calls them. City gets left out. We’re told by the County that this is not unusual, at least when it involves Grimaldi. Turns out that Grimaldi had been ‘accosted’ at least one previous time while minding his business. And then there was that little incident at the Hockessin PAL. Oh, almost forgot, Grimaldi demanded that an 84-year-old volunteer be ousted from her volunteer position at Rockwood b/c she wouldn’t let him and his ‘escort’ to visit the upstairs quarters unattended. Never mind that nobody was permitted to do this, Grimaldi is a somebody. According to Grimaldi, the 84-year-old volunteer is a nobody. Enquiring minds want to know…is Grimaldi’s escort a somebody, or related to asomebody? A bigwig in County government perhaps? Dave? Tom? Somebody? Nancy, any insight into this?
The answer is pretty simple:  nobody will.  Because David Grimaldi is somebody in Delaware, and the laws in Delaware rarely actually apply to anyone who is somebody.


tom said...

No. The whole point of HB 88 is to classify anyone who owns firearms (or might want to someday) as mentally unstable and potentially violent.

Nancy Willing said...

uhm, I messaged you privately in a fb chat and you decided to go ahead and publish bit and starts of the private conversation. It would have been more helpful if you'd A) asked if and what part of the private chat you were welcome to use publicly and B) I don't know if Grimaldi owns a gun but I do not think he does. So, could you please, please, stop taking private conversations public without permission? If I knew you wanted to publish that and other statements I made privately I would have said - hold off until I have a chance to ask David. Thanks.

Steven H. Newton said...

get a grip, the only possible "confidential" aspect of your message was that you didn't think Mr. Grimaldi owned a firearm. the rest of it was complaining that I didn't acknowledge that he had a side to his story or your posts I tried to correct the record on both accounts. aside from not giving you a damn unicorn you got what you wanted now you bitch about it.