Thursday, December 12, 2013

What you get with today's Delaware Democratic Party: John Carney on the budget

Despite the temptation, I did not cut any of Congressman Carney's in-depth analysis of the current budget deal that, in the best spirit of the Delaware Democratic Party, cuts COLAs for military retirees, make everybody's airplane rides more expensive, and ends unemployment benefits for millions.  Hell, it almost reads like the Democratic Platform, huh?

Here it is [admittedly I couldn't resist highlighting a few segments]:

“The best that can be said about the Murray-Ryan budget agreement is that it’s better than nothing. And for the first time in a long time, Congress is doing its job. Each chamber voted on a budget. We held a conference committee. We worked out our disagreements. And we took a vote on a compromise bill. 
“This agreement brings us back to a rational way of dealing with government spending. But it reduces the deficit only slightly, and gets rid of a small part of the harmful sequestration cuts. The danger will come if we let this agreement make us complacent. We still have a lot of work to do to achieve a balanced deficit reduction plan that includes both smart spending cuts and new revenue. Our country faces a host of fiscal challenges, from Medicare and Medicaid to domestic and defense spending to our complicated tax code. 
“I hope that this agreement is just the beginning of a constructive series of serious discussions, reasonable solutions, and fair compromises on both sides of the aisle.”
Remember:  the new definition of a Delaware Democrat in Congress is a Republican who (finally) supports marriage equality.

For those of my Libertarians friends who may wonder what's going on here, it's simple.

In Delaware we have a one-party state because the Democrats have successfully sold people a bill of goods about certain programs, policies, and principles they hold dear.  So Delaware responded by electing all Democrats to Congress, all Democrats to the Executive Branch (who does the Auditor work for, anyway?), and Democratic majorities to both houses of the General Assembly.

Essentially, in Delaware, Democrats ARE the government.  So I don't have to agree with their agenda to point out that--if actions are more important than words--they don't agree with their own agenda, either.

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