Monday, December 16, 2013

Paul Ryan defends screwing over military veterans

Here's Paul Ryan commenting on the largest military budget on the planet, and how it needs to be secured on the backs of those who served in the military by recouping $6 billion from their retirement pay COLAs:
"We give them a slightly smaller adjustment for inflation because they're still in their working years and in most cases earning another paycheck,” Ryan said. "Our goal here is to make sure that no other country comes close to matching the U.S. military, and the stress on the budget in the future brings that whole entire notion into question. We still have a Pentagon budget that is not where it needs to be."
 Now let's get this straight, Paul.  The United States traditionally does almost 50% of all the military spending done on the entire planet.  As you can see by the chart below, the only element that even approaches our scale of military spending is our NATO allies--and if we are concerned with protecting ourselves from Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc., then we all might as well start stocking up on the cyanide pills.
What's even worse is that those peripatetic old men at the Pentagon not only agreed with this, but suggested that Ryan and his cohorts look to cutting military benefits: 
"The defense community asked us to look at compensation and their entitlement spending within the Pentagon. We knew we couldn't put back into the Pentagon's budget as much as we'd like to, and these reforms help them with their budget," said Ryan. "The savings stays with the Department of Defense and that comes on top of the money we're giving back through the sequester."
The savings "can go to anything," said Ryan. "It can go to readiness, it can go to troops, it can go to brigades, buying equipment."
It is typical of the current military and Congressional leadership to count the retirement benefits of military personnel as "entitlement spending."

Thanks, Paul Ryan, for proving once again that government promises aren't worth the paper they're printed on.


Hube said...

Nothing infuriates me more than cutting bennies from those who have served. Like there isn't anywhere ELSE in the bloated military budget that could be cut.


delacrat said...

served ? Served who ?

NCSDad said...

Did they put the retirement terms in writing? Std pensions are not like real money. Perhaps military retirement should be 401k style.

Anonymous said...

@delacrat served American troll. The military is the only reason you have freedom.

Unknown said...

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