Friday, December 13, 2013

More proof that either the universe or the Delaware Democratic Party is a simulation

Take a gander at the beginning of the email Congressman John Carney (D-Bank of America) sent out today regarding the health insurance marketplace:
I’m writing to share a few thoughts about the Affordable Care Act, and to let you know about some resources you may find helpful.  
It goes without saying that the enrollment period for the healthcare marketplace has been frustrating and challenging. I’m glad that President Obama is taking these problems seriously -- there’s no excuse for them. My focus has been on working with state officials to help Delawareans sign up for affordable healthcare coverage.  
With that goal in mind, I wanted to make sure you knew about several upcoming opportunities to get help signing up for healthcare coverage and accessing financial assistance to better afford it. 
I guess all the simulated "thoughts" are in the second paragraph.  There appear to be four:

1.  The marketplace has thus far been "frustrating and challenging."  This is simulation-speak for "fatally flawed and completely ineffective."

2.  "I'm glad that President Obama is taking these problems seriously."  As opposed to taking a selfie at Nelson Mandella's funeral, explaining why his White House has the worst press access of the last fifty years (including the Nixon administration during Watergate), or ... wait for it ... actually holding somebody accountable by firing their ass.

3.  "There's no excuse for them."  But there aren't any consequences, either, are there, John?  Nobody got fired.  Nobody got pinpointed as the person who didn't do his or her job.  This only happens in a simulation universe.

4.  Carney has been "working with state officials to help Delawareans sign up for affordable healthcare coverage."  Hell, given that 431 people is all that have even possibly made it through to maybe get coverage in nearly three months, I'd expect to find John there personally guiding every single one of them through the maze.  Or at least doing photo-ops with Rita Landgraf or Karen Weldin Stewart.  It's a real shame that simulaton-Congressman Carney doesn't tell us any fact at all about what those herculean efforts have been.  Mostly because those efforts amounted to having a staffer cut and paste the menus that appear below Carney's boiler-plate excuse for a letter.

This performance--linked with yesterday's completely hedged sort-of endorsement of the budget deal--explains two things.

First, that John Carney is really a Republican who (finally) supported marriage equality.

And second, John Carney is EXACTLY the kind of Democrat Republican that the simulated Delaware Democratic Party keeps electing.


Anonymous said...

Right out of the box I liked....John Carney (D-Bank of America)

delacrat said...

I'm not a Libertarian, but if it's a choice between Newton and Carney, you got my vote.