Monday, November 2, 2009

Red-baiting and vomit: the new face of David Anderson's Delaware Politics

Having remained silent on the continued drift of Delaware Politics toward loonie-land long enough, two recent David Anderson posts simply cannot be ignored.

The mildest is his reportage on the attempt to roll back same-sex marriage in Maine, which is conspicuous by its absence of reporting the tactics being utiized by the proponents of reversing the legislature. Quoth David:

The legislature foisted same sex marriage on the voters of Maine as part of the 6 for 6 campaign. PPP shows a majority of it’s voters are not enthused and the traditional marriage measure may have majority support.

First, I loved the use of the word foisted. The anti-same-sex marriage crowd complains if the institution is supported by the courts [judicial activism], then whines when it is passed by the elected legislators [foisted on the voters], and then suddenly demands an Anschluss-like plebiscite. The Democratic process is only fair when it returns exactly the result they want.

But here's the plank in David's eye: refusing to acknowledge the lengths to which conservative Christians and their leaders are willing to go to subvert the process. From Waldo:

The Catholic Bishop of Portland has been demanding special collections to fund his anti-marriage campaign even as he is closing parish churches for want of money from his million-dollar mansion.

This is David Anderson's America? Where the churches are closing parishes due to lack of money, while demanding extra collections to reverse the legislative process even as some of their own members object?

What about the Bishop of Portland foisting his priorities on the poor people who now won't find food banks or the other traditional Catholic charities available to them because their leaders have decided it's more important to get into politics, and justify their actions by actually asking What Would Jesus Do?

In other news, David has now proudly stooped to Red-baiting other American citizens running for political office, characterizing former the former GOP candidate in New York's 23rd Congressional District as a Commie Lib and opining fatuously:

When you have a card check, gay marriage supporting, tax hiker, big spending, government health care, cap and trade, abortion funding candidate, you have someone that is anathema to the America I love. If you tell me that person is a Republican, you just make me vomit.

Let's check out what makes you anathema to David Anderson's America--stopping first to note the interesting use of that religious reference (Anathema=a formal ecclesiastical curse accompanied by excommunication).

Do you support labor organizing? David suggests you are a commie lib and not an American.

Do you believe in same-sex marriage? David suggests you are a commie lib and not an American.

Did you agree with the stimulus? David suggests you are a commie lib and not an American.

Do you support health insurance reform? David suggests you are a commie lib and not an American.

Do you support cap and trade? David suggests you are a commie lib and not an American.

Do you support abortion rights? David suggests you are a commie lib and not an American.

Ironically, there are several items on the above list that I do not personally support. But to suggest, as folks on the extremes of the Far Left and Far Right are now doing, that to hold a different political opinion somehow makes you less of an American, is not just to fail to understand the Democratic process, but to be actively attempting to subvert it.

Over the past year I have called out people on the Left who have stepped across that line, and I call out David Anderson now.

You have moved into the same dangerous ground so proudly held by extremists of every philosophy that you are the one endangering that which you say you seek to save.


Nancy Willing said...

I started writing a comment over there this morning but it got deleted on a clumsy finger move and I was too exhausted to recapture my thoughts but you have most of them here.

I didn't think it served anyone to not have tried to find the areas of concurrency with this candidate along with pointing out where she varied from the wingnut base.

...and the red-baiting, WTF?

RSmitty said...

Vomit is accurate. When I went over there today and saw the return of Frank and the spewing hatred of middle-politickers (I guess they tired of hating liberals), I lost it. I'm done. I am going to request a download of all my posts and then 100% walk away.

Just yesterday, David declared on Delaware Liberal that moderates need to be purged; that they can be a part if they wish, but they sit in the back and wait to be asked to dance, that they can be seen, but never heard. Today, in one of Frank's posts, he says he doesn't claim to want moderates purged, but be a part of the process. He's not only a POLITICAL SEGREGATIONIST, but he's an opportunisitic hypocrite.

I try to control my ego, but I think I deserve this moment: They (DP) don't deserve me.

David said...

I do not agree there is red baiting. The self proclaimed marxists and progressives are quite clear about who they are and what they want. I want no part of their agenda. It will harm countless people. There is a great post yesterday in the LA times. I linked to it today.

The problem with the leftist candidate in NY-23 who dropped out was the sum of her positions not just 1 or 2. You are being disingenious when you try to say that holding one postion is what makes someone a liberal or commie lib as we affectionately call them. I will answer your post soon.

As for the marriage issue, there is nothing more important in the long run to prevent poverty, better children, and strengthen families than having strong marriages of a man and a woman. If there is anything worth investing in by voluntary contributions that is it.

No one has to belong to any church. No one who does has to give to any projects. It may be urged, encouraged, and pleded for, but there is no method to foist or force compliance. With government they just sale your home, garnish your wages and if you don't comply toss you in prison and make you work. That is force.

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