Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adriana Leela Bohm for Red Clay School Board

Vote Adriana Bohm for Red Clay School Board
I think it is time to put another thoughtful parent on the Red Clay School Board.

I think it is also time to elect another school board member who is dedicated to advocating for all kids, especially including those inside the city limits of Wilmington.

I think it is time to move beyond the discussions about who is pro-Choice and pro-Charter or anti-Choice and anti-Charter and move into the realm of seriously analyzing what has gone wrong and right with Delaware public schools (especially in Red Clay) over the past 10-15 years.

I think it is time to elect Adriana Bohm to the Red Clay School Board, so with all the might and influence of The Delaware Libertarian (snicker, snicker) I am joining the Red Clay Education Association (strange bedfellows, eh?) in wholeheartedly endorsing her candidacy.

I believe she will make a positive difference for all the kids in Red Clay, no matter which schools they attend.

Check out her website and Facebook pages, and feel free to contact her directly.  I did so, and I have been more than pleased with the responses I have gotten.


kavips said...

Are we sure this is not a "plant"?

I'm so grateful we have you, Kilroy, and John to shake down Mid New Castle County....

Without you all; how could we know?

Steven H. Newton said...

No, Adriana is the real thing--a parent who has been involved in Red Clay at the school level for years.

Don't forget Mike Matthews in your list ....

pandora said...

I've met with all three District A candidates and I'm backing Adriana Bohm.