Thursday, April 4, 2013

Delaware Libertarian exceeds 300,000 visitors. Thank you.

Published with both regularity and some unfortunate periods of hiatus, Delaware Libertarian has nonetheless achieved the milestone (about two days ago--I was watching but I missed it) of recording its 300,000th unique visitor.

I realize that, as Delaware political blogs go, the "big dog" over at Delawareliberal passed 2 million sometime last  year, but I am still moderately pleased to have had well over a quarter-million folks stop by during the past six years.

Even if a lot of them [nearly 14,000] were only diverted here briefly via their porn searches for Brian's post on Thai Ladyboy marriage, that is still (I blush) our most popular post ever.

[At least the second most popular post ever is my own Just South of Queen Street, Thoughts on a Gay Agenda ...]

To the small, hardy band of regulars who cruise by to agree, criticize, or just lurk, my sincere thanks for your ongoing patronage and support.

As mood and opportunity strikes, with occasional help from Tyler [when he emerges] and with thanks to the two Brians [both of whom have gone their own ways a few years back], I will continue.


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Congratulations Steve

kavips said...

Aren't you secretly glad you didn't stop? It's kinda fun just being able to say what you want with no agenda, isn't it?