Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Castle County Libertarian James Christina joins Don Ayotte in joining IPOD

Just for the record, from yesterday:
Guess this means that Mr. Christina, who ran in 2012 as the LPD candidate against Senator Patti Blevins, and who enjoys trolling this site, will also be soon submitting his resignation as the Secretary of the New Castle County chapter of the Libertarian Party of Delaware.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps IPOD will help him with his spelling and syntax.

Anonymous said...

If we are the laughing stock, then:

a) how would he know?
b) nominating the likes of him for stuff is a big part of the reason.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less if someone spells correctly or not be it in a blog, newspaper, book or whatever type of publication. I have never seen the big deal with someone trying to be " More Hollow Than thou" with the english language. What exactly is the reasoning behind it? Does it make one feel better about themselves to point out that, " hey man, you spelled the word, Scool,incorrect.It is SCHOOL, why don't you try it out sometime" or the infamous, "You know there is a thing called Spell check,Look into it"

So What ????

Sure I do not always spell correctly. Sure once in a while I use"Your " instead of "you're"..BIG WOO. And so what if I do not always state a sentence correctly. So what that I might end it in a preposition. BIG WOO.

What is the passion behind it? Is there some hidden desire to ALWAYS be correct in EVERYTHING? I am only Blogging about this subject becuase I have seen several blogs not only in OS,as of late, but other blogs as well with the Spell check Nazis in full force. Is there some kind of application that one must fill out before you one starts criticizing others?

To those who wish to degrade or punish those through your type with your politically typing correct'ness, Have fun Wiff All Dat'. Oh and Hail to you too...