Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another (libertarian) reason to be an Apple user

Apple's iMessage encryption trips up feds' surveillance

Bottom line:  if you really don't want the Feds to be able to intercept it, both the sender and the receiver must be using iMessage and be using Apple products.


NCSDad said...

...In real time. When Utah is done, they will have them all.

pandora said...

Ha! We are part of the Apple cult - just bought a new MacBook Pro last week. My old one was five years old and is now in my daughter's possession and still running great.

Thanks for the post, Steve. This is good to know!

Hube said...

I bought my daughter a new MacBook Pro for her freshman year at UD ... and as a result I inherited her old one. I'd never really used a Mac before, but I absolutely love it! What was I missing all these years??

Anonymous said...

Or they can read it transparently, and want to get the people they want to watch into using it.

tom said...

before you run out and start selling drugs via iMessage, here are a few things to remember:

Today's unbreakable cipher will be tomorrow's Enigma.

The government cheats. If confronted by a crypto-system such as this one that they cannot easily defeat by technological means, they will simply notify Apple (or any other vendor) that if they wish to remain in business, they must backdoor the system and allow the government to easily recover the plaintext of any message, and they will further forbid Apple from revealing that fact to anyone.

in the long run, you could get far more real security by designing an Android App that used Twitter & as an internet dead-drop for messages coded using the text of some pre-agreed website that changes daily as a One-Time Pad. That way they not only couldn't read your messages, they wouldn't even be able to determine who was receiving them.

Anonymous said...