Monday, October 5, 2009

And, in important news, Michael Munger is still NOT a Republican

Last year's Libertarian candidate for Governor of North Carolina, Dr. Michael Munger of Duke University, had to listen to the same accusations that GOPers like to bring against Libertarians: Quit this stuff--you're electing Democrats and we're waaay better than them.

[Of course, this ignores the fact that in the 2008 election Michael actually pulled more votes from the Democratic candidate than from the Republican, but facts rarely seem to matter in this kind of discussion.]

At any rate, Dr. Munger [who admittedly once was a Republican] ends a post at Kids Prefer Cheese about conservative thought and arguments with these words:

I should point out that these plausible proposals have NOT risen to the forefront of the Republican agenda. (Yes, even these proposals are pretty tepid, and would hardly satisfy a Libertarian, but I am thinking in directional terms here: The Rs are still going fast in the wrong direction!) And so I am still most definitely not a Republican. You folks who send emails proposing that I am "really" a Republican need to realize that the Repubs are "really" full of goose dung.

Wrong direction ... full of goose dung ...

The most prominent Libertarian candidate for any office other than President makes it pretty clear: Republicans ain't Libertarians, and aren't even really coming closer.

Libertarian Republican remains an oxymoron in today's world.

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