Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hell freezes over and we dance on the ice: I agree with jason330

Jason says in a thread about whether Beau Biden will challenge Mike Castle:

For all the bluster by the tea party freaks on the right and the beard pulling concern about health care reform by liberals – most people simply don't care about politics. The average person knows more about Marvel comics characters and their powers than they know members of congress.

That’s why the NJ and WDEL radio covers all politics as a long celebrity/personality story. There is no discussion of a Mike Castle’s conservative voting record (for example) because the market for that type of story does not exist.

Important thing for all bloggers to remember: it is pretty well demonstrated that less than 2% of the electorate actually gives a shit about anything we say.

And of that 2%, 98% are already strongly committed to one ideology or another and just want to scrap; they're not actually there to think about ever changing their minds.

Which is what sometimes amuses me when people [including me] get all hot and bothered about our little flame wars and online controversies.

We really are the nit on the back of the flea standing on the zit on the butt of the elephant or the donkey.

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