Friday, October 16, 2009

Donviti fired ... again

Maybe they'll leave this post up, unlike the previous one ["Donviti has been let go"] that was stripped down very very quickly.

It's personal issues, not policy differences, Delawardem assures us--even though it's fairly clear that dv's last ride into the sunset involved a rather explicit airing of policy differences with his colleagues and a criticism of their failure to hold President Obama to similar standards of performance or ethics as they did President Bush.

As noted in DD's piece about axing donviti, I have extended to him the same invitation I have sent Dana Garrett, Brian Shields, Anonone, and others: the opportunity to guest post here any time he'd like to do so. Yeah, this blog is named Delaware Libertarian, but any serious discussion of the issues of the day is welcome: the Delaware blogosphere seems intent upon self-implosion and a shake-out that will leave us with very few voices except those of extreme ideologues on all sides.

Meanwhile--as your thought for the day--ask yourself where can you travel in the Delaware blogosphere to find little or no consideration of America's increasingly militaristic foreign policy, of the Obama administration's continuation of the Bush war on civil rights protection in the Constitution, of the daily increasing influence of lobbyists, corporate groups, and Goldmann Sachs on our government, or the continual sell-out of America's LGBT community?

Here's your hint: you can find that absence of coverage where donviti's not.


dv said...

I'm not a democrat and I have my views. I find it amusing their angst toward a little bitching at the kitchen table. Addition by subtraction I guess.

I hope the blog collapses into a miserable black hole and their readers continue to go elsewhere.

h. said...

That'll never happen. They'll always have their handful of yo yo's who think that the majority of the nation thinks like they do just because their guy won the election. But in four years they'll find out, as usual, that the majority of the American people aren't as liberal as they believed.