Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Damn him! Knappster stole my answer.

He keeps doing shit like that to me.

First, here's what the Federal Trade Commission has decided to shred the First Amendment:

Bloggers who offer endorsements must disclose any payments they have received from the subjects of their reviews or face penalties of up to $11,000 per violation, the Federal Trade Commission said Monday.

And here's what Tom Knapp says in reply:

Dear Federal Trade Commission:

Go f--k yourselves. This is my blog, not your blog. I will write whatever I choose to write, I'll write it for whatever reasons I choose to write it, and I'll disclose as much or as little about those reasons as I damn well please.

If you think you can squeeze $11,000 out of me over it, feel free to try. You won't get a dime you don't take at gunpoint, and the only way you'll stop me from continuing to write as I please is to stick me in jail or kill me.

Yours in liberty (hah!),

Somehow it just doesn't have any impact to jump up and down shouting, "Yeah! What he said, damn it!!!"

But that doesn't make the sentiment any less accurate.

I wonder exactly how many of my Demopublican friends in the blogosphere [most of whom still have not found a voice on America's disastrous foreign policy] are going to take a stand for their own freedom from intimidation by the Feds.

Or is the idea that a personal media is just that--personal--only an idea that Libertarians champion?


Hube said...

I'm with Knappster 100%!!

Anonymous said...


Lucky for me I have neither readers nor sponsors. Wake me when this same rule applies to MSM reporters and politicians.

I'll refrain from agreeing only because that would be like bragging about how I'm going to build my own nuclear reactor and the DOE won't stop me.