Sunday, November 11, 2012

An embarrassment to actual Libertarians everywhere: Eric Dondero doubles down on the stupid

Although since he created the oxymoronic "Libertarians for Romney" pseudo-movement, maybe his quest for his fifteen minutes of fame will embarrass them, not us.

No, wait.  It is not possible to embarrass GOPers, is it?

At any rate, enjoy:

Now that Florida has been declared for Obama, should any right-minded conservative or libertarian ever donate to Red Cross or United Way again for Fla. Hurricane Relief?
Please do not give Trick or Treat candy to Democrat kids
Uh, Eric?  Halloween was a couple of weeks ago, dude.

And, finally, this--trust me, it is worth the five minutes of your life:

Note:  there is something hinky about the code for embedding this video.  If you don't see Eric Dondero's picture, refresh the page.


Chris W said...

We'd be so lucky if Dondero rode off into the sunset, never to be heard from again, but the publicity his little temper tantrum earned him has only strengthened his resolve.

But from what we have seen in the past this is Eric being Eric; a media whoring, self promoter with nothing important to say.

Anonymous said...

This man is mentally unstable.

pandora said...

This has to be the biggest temper tantrum by the biggest baby I've ever seen. What an embarrassment.