Monday, November 5, 2012

My prediction for tomorrow

What I think will happen:

Popular vote Obama 48%
Popular vote Romney 47%
Popular vote Johnson 2%

Electoral vote will go to Obama by about 60 votes.

Not saying that's what I'd like to see happen or not, just what I think.

And only weenies won't go on record with an unambiguous prediction.


tom said...

What about local predictions?

Will Johnson/Gray do better or worse in Delaware than nationwide? (I'm predicting not as well and hoping I'm wrong)

Will Scott Gesty beat our previous statewide record of 5661 votes (Peggy Schmidt in 92)?


Jim Holliday said...

Infante was the highest at 12,203 (3.3%). He was the first fusion candidate for state wide office.

tom said...

true, but I wasn't counting him because he got 10753 of them as the IPOD candidate (and as the Anti-Minner, pro-smoking candidate) and only 1450 as a Libertarian.

Peggy got all of hers as a Libertarian in a year with no similar polarizing issue to champion.

pandora said...

LOL! I owe you a dollar!