Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Robo-calls and radio ads against the Libertarian candidate in Missouri

In Missouri, GOPer Todd Akin launched last-minute robo-calls and radio ads against Libertarian US Senate Jonathan Diner, seeking to dissuade Ron Paul supporters from voting Libertarian:
"Jonathan Dine is no conservative," a narrator in the spot says. "He attacks Republicans like Congressman Ron Paul, saying Paul is 'too much of social conservative.'" The spot also includes a testimonial from Rand Paul, who says Akin "will stand with me and vote repeal Obamacare." Akin has deployed robocalls featuring the same statement from Paul.
This is pretty rich:  if Libertarians are so inconsequential, then why would a Republican need to advertise against them?

But my favorite part of the article is on dueling arrest records:
The ad also faults Dine for an criminal record, which includes arrests for marijuana possession and drunk driving. Akin himself, however, was arrested at least eight times in the 1980s at abortion protests. There is no evidence he was ever charged, and supporters calls the arrests examples of civil disobedience, not criminality.  
All of which leads to the greatest line in the whole piece:
Still, [Democrat Claire] McCaskill is the only candidate in the Missouri Senate race without a record of multiple arrests.
Maybe it shouldn't be the "show me" state, but the "book 'em, Dano" state.

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