Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Profoundly grateful to Beth Miller of the News Journal . . .

Brenda and Matt Petke: as I will remember them
. . . for the grace and sensitivity she brought to the story yesterday on the impact that Matt and Brenda Petke's lives have had on everyone in Delaware, whether they were fortunate enough to ever meet them  or not.

On Sunday afternoon I came home from a meeting in Dover to find that Matt had raked up all the leaves in my yard because he knew that with stitches in my back from recent surgery I would not be able to do it.  He had also detailed my eldest daughter's car and done a variety of small tasks for all of his neighbors.  Matt didn't like sitting still.

We sent our nine-year-old grandson down to his house a little later to give him a pumpkin pie in appreciation for his work.  Laughing, he told Shane that he was tempted to sneak a piece of the pie before he took Brenda out to dinner that night.

I'm always going to hope that he did.

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