Friday, November 2, 2012

For pandora and other interested parties: why men are turned on by lesbian porn (academically speaking, of course)

It must be a tough job, researching porn and its consumers, but I guess somebody has to do it.

I was actually fascinated by finding out the attraction of lesbian porn for men, and it made immense sense to me when I read it:

Why would straight men want to watch lesbians, and why would women write stories about gay men?[Straight] guys are turn on by lesbians because it’s a doubling of visual cues. And one psychological cue for arousal in men is female sexual pleasure. Seeing lesbians kissing doubles that too.
There is a nod to the fact that women prefer some character development with their porn, while men just wanna cut to the chase:
Why do women prefer stories and men prefer visuals?There are two reasons. Both come down to fundamental differences between the male sexual brain and the female sexual brain. One of the most basic differences is that the male brain responds to any single sexual stimulus. A nice chest, two girls kissing, older women — if that’s what they’re attracted to. Any one thing will trigger arousal in a male.
Female desire requires multiple stimuli simultaneously or in quick succession. It takes more stimuli and more variety of these stimuli to trigger genuine arousal.
For a guy, the most common form of [masturbation material] is a 60-second porn clip. For a woman, it can be a 250-page novel or a 2,000-word story. That’s the way to get multiple stimuli. Stories have greater flexibility to offer a greater variety of stimuli.
In male erotica, sex appears in the first one-quarter of the story [or film]. For women, it’s halfway in. There’s more time to develop the character before sex.
This line deserves to be repeated because it is sooo true:
One of the most basic differences is that the male brain responds to any single sexual stimulus. 
Which brings me to the most important finding in the post, an observation so simple and yet so relevant that it literally . . . blew me away (OK, I'm sorry for that last one, really): 

There are real concerns, though, that Internet porn will increase sex crimes because of the way it portrays things like that.
Anybody can do a simple thought experiment [to refute that]. In the late ’60s and early ’70s, feminists were saying that porn trained guys to be rapists. That was before home video, and there were probably only 100 different porn magazines in the country. You had to go to [sleazy places to watch porn]. Now there are a million websites where you can get it for free around the clock.
You would expect rape to skyrocket. There are more guys watching more porn more often. But, in fact, rape has gone down in America. Also, in Japan in the mid-’90s, they loosened their obscenity laws. Now rape is down there too. It certainly seems to be case that more access to porn is associated with less rape. Rather than making people want to go out and rape, it satisfies the urge.

 I do wish I could get some social conservatives to comprehend this.

I almost said, "grasp this very heavy concept."  But then I thought about it, and two bad puns in the same post would be . . . bad.  And then I did it anyway.

I'm going to hell, aren't I?


pandora said...

Hmm... You read this article and thought of me?

I've never had a problem with porn - just like I've never had a big problem with violent video games. If a person is not violent, porn and video games won't turn them into a rapist/attacker.

My concern with the influx of porn, and, more importantly, the air-brushed fashion world, has more to do with isolated, young men getting bombarded with unrealistic views of sex that set their relationship goals to unachievable levels, female body image that is unattainable - for women and men, and a healthy dose of misogyny by reducing women to their air-brushed lady parts. (I should explain each of these jumbled points in more detail, but I gotta run.)

And since this comment hasn't stuck with the tongue and cheek nature of this post...

... In the end it comes down to this:

Men are simple creatures. Women are complex. :)

Ernies friend said...

More accurate to say men f()ck like they shop. Or maybe it's more complicated than that
Or men are fast, women are slow?
We could go on and on but I won't... cause I'm a man.