Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ah, the good war: the drug war

From Coyote the only sentence you really need to read to know we're simply insane:

In the US last year, 754,224 people were arrested for possession (not dealing or production) of marijuana.

Three-quarters of a million people.

At that rate, we arrest 2.5% of our population every decade.

Damn demon weed.


Mark H said...

Steve, in these cash-strapped times, I'm curious to know the financial number all of these arrests are costing governments. I'm of the opinion that if some of our legislators took their head out of the casino's butts, they might find more budget savings on toning down this stupid drug war.

Duffy said...

But Steve, think of how much safer we all are now! This has nothing to do with asset seizures or revenue whatsoever. This is about safety! Won't someone think of the children?