Saturday, September 12, 2009

WDEL - Monday September 14th 1-4 pm

1150 AM WDEL's Rick Jensen is taking some well-earned R&R this week.

On Monday I will be filling in as host of The Rick Jensen Show from 1-4 pm.

I have asked my good friend Jason Scott, founder of and former contributor to Delaware Liberal, to join me as special guest co-host.

Our lead topic will be 'Liberalism : Megalomaniacal Pseudo-Ideology or Mental Illness?'

Jason will also be speaking out for the first time about the cyberspace putsch that left him a blogosphere orphan. All will be revealed.

(Of course, I kid.)

Wilmington City Councilman and rising star Steve Martelli will be joining us in the 2pm hour to talk city politics, government and the future of Wilmington.

In the latter part of the show the Fightin' Flahertys, John and Colin, will join us for a freewheeling 4-way crossfire on hot topics, local and national.

Calls are welcome and encouraged : (302) 478-9335 or 1-800-544-1150

It should be a spirited 3 hours.


downwithabsolutes said...

Oh my...this sounds like it'll be a great show. As I will be occupied at the time, I'm hoping someone can record this and post it to the Intertubes!

pandora said...

I can't wait to listen! Maybe I'll even call in. Normally... umm... I don't listen to Jensen. Imagine that!

canioacaputo said...

let me know if you want a guest host to help fill in the time. My own team deosn't allow me on the airwaves...maybe you will :)

Brad said...

Great show, Tyler! I listened to part of your show yesterday. The discussion on Wilmington politics was interesting. It sounds like Wilmington government has become even more controlling. Any time police can come on your property and confiscate cars without any warrant, that's a authoritarian government you have there.