Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Donviti gets it absolutely right...

... and finds out that a prophet is generally without honor in his own country.

DV publishes a fisking of National Security Advisor James Jones' interview in which he claims we're killing a lot more terrorist now, but I can't tell you how many because we don't keep count, but it's impressive and we talk to a lot of people around the world that Bush ignored so everything is better now:

It was pretty easy to pick apart a Bush loyalist especially when they would put out vague statements and watch the media lap them up. Well, here we have an Obama guy doing the same thing, and, well, the same thing happens.

You should go read every damn word Donviti wrote.

Despite my remaining questions about the size of his mangos, this is the first honest piece of blogging in the Delaware 'Sphere to take on the gigantic inconsistencies, outright fabrications, and continued Bushco policies in the Obama administration.

Here's the crux of his point: you cannot evaluate this stuff on a different standard just because your guy won the White House. If it was wrong before, it's still wrong.

DV, I doubt it means much to you coming from me, but that's the second superlative post you've written in the past two or three weeks.


Dorian Gray said...

I am becoming more and more of a dissident each day. It is nauseating to watch the “liberals” over there swallow whole and defend every piece if spin from this administration just because the President is now in home whites rather than road grays. With every day that passes I understand better how the Chomsky/Herman media propaganda model works without overt coercion. Nitwits like the “liberals” over there and the “conservatives” at the other blogs just selective pick bits of bullshit to throw back and forth at each other. Does anyone think anymore?

Anonymous said...

It's lonely in the middle.