Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There was once a day, not so long ago...

... when a President of the United States would actually request network time to explain the use of US military force in a new venue--like the recent raid into Somalia.

The President would lay out for the American people his reasoning, discuss the importance of Somalia to US global policy, and even sketch for us the parameters by which he would continue to order such actions.

Sadly, those days no longer exist. Presidents, Democrat or GOPer, simply conduct foreign policy and order military interventions large and small without the slightest nod in the direction of public accountability.

Strangely enough, nobody even thinks this development is newsworthy anymore.


Anonymous said...

Can you find a real source that confirms that it wasn't a single helicopter raid taking out an al Qaeda suspect, but is actually a massive invasion? Thus far I can't...the AP blurb linked in that article is just a confirmation that the US launched an operation that resulted in this guy being killed. I'm pretty ambivalent about helicopter raids, but ground-taking invasions they ain't.


Anonymous said...

Sorry wrong place.


Steven H. Newton said...

The link in the post from the CS Monitor confirms special forces delivered via helicopter; you can find multiple links about them retrieving the body and DNA traces, which certainly means that there were boots on the ground.