Monday, September 28, 2009

Disturbing on so many levels that I cannot even count them

I kept looking for the violence, or even the potential violence.

I kept watching the police move closer and closer.

You have to watch the entire ten or eleven minutes to get the feel of the confrontation unrolling in real time.

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Anonymous said...

There were 12,000 riot police (goons) in Pittsburgh. Protestors were some 2 miles away from the G20~~while our government talks about free speech in Iran and elsewhere, they are squelching free speech in America? Hypocrisy, Insanity Plus.

I got emails from people who were there on the scene (peace and anti war people), hardly a threat to anyone and they were treated like hardcore anarchists. Goes to show it does'nt matter who seats in the White House, the police state of Amerikka is alive and well.