Thursday, October 25, 2012

And a little John Carney astro-turfing for good measure . . . .

Last night I pointed out that over 30% of the respondents to WDEL's debate poll had selected Scott Gesty as the winner of the debate.  John Carney finished third.  Tom Kovach obviously had his supporters organized, because he was in first place.

Here were the numbers at 10:40 pm yesterday:

WDEL Listener Survey
Who won WDEL's U.S. House debate?
Tom Kovach 45.9%
Scott Gesty 30.2%
John Carney 21.9%
Bernie August 2.0%
Total votes: 351
Obviously somebody clued in the Carney people that dear old John was looking foolish, because about 3:00pm this afternoon around 700-800 Carney votes abruptly appeared on the site:
Amazing, huh?  Especially since the WDEL site allows you to vote as many times as you want from the same computer (I just checked).

So picture the poor Carney intern who was told, "And don't go home till the Congressman is ahead, damn it!"

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