Friday, October 5, 2012

Delaware Liberty Fund endorses Libertarian Ronnie Fitzgerald in 35th State Rep District!!!!

Delaware Liberty Fund is a marriage equality PAC that is quite influential in some circles of state politics.

This year the DLF has endorsed thirty-eight candidates.  Not surprisingly, 36 of 38 were Democrats.

DLF endorsed on GOPer, Mike Ramone, based on his support for civil unions last year (it does make me wonder why they didn't stick with Joe Miro in the 22nd District, who also voted that way), and--for the first time in history, DLF endorsed a Libertarian candidate.

Ronnie Fitzgerald in the 35th District is a longtime, staunch Libertarian, who has never been afraid to put his efforts where his principles lie.  He worked for many hours at the Delaware State Fair soliciting signatures for the Delaware marriage equality petition.  He is well-deserving of this particular endorsement, and his success in gaining it represents a major step forward for the Libertarian Party of Delaware, which nominated a credible candidate in a district where the Democrats could not find anyone to run.

Way to go, Ronnie!

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scott gesty said...

WTG Ronnie! Drive the message of Freedom home!