Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Delaware Right to Marry joins Delaware Liberty Fund in endorsing Libertarian Ronnie Fitzgerald in the 35th

Wow.  Talk about breaking open some doors.  Two major LGBT groups endorsing a Libertarian for the General Assembly.

Here's the text of the endorsement:

Delaware Right to Marry endorses Ronnie Fitzgerald, the Libertarian Party candidate for the 35th Representative District (Bridgeville/Greenwood/Lincoln), the seat currently held by Republican Rep. David Wilson. Ronnie is Rep. Wilson's sole challenger this year.Ronnie is a Harrington native who now lives with his family in Greenwood, where he owns the small business he founded 5 years ago, "A Better Gutter, LLC," a seamless guttering and leaf guard company. If elected to the Delaware House, Ronnie will fight for marriage equality for same-gender couples and other equal rights for the LGBT community. Ronnie told us simply, "Discrimination is wrong, especially on a statewide sanctioned level." The Delaware Libertarian Party's 2012 platform is very clear that the right to civil marriage should be granted to same-gender couples as long as the state is involved in marriage, and Ronnie Fitzgerald has pledged to uphold that plank. 

Ronnie lives and breathes small business, having worked for many years at his father's business, "Fitzgerald's Logging," until Mr. Fitzgerald Sr. passed away in 2003. Having launched his own business several years later, Ronnie understands the need to support small business in the First State with smarter regulations and a reduced tax burden wherever possible. His top priority as a State Representative will be "to find ways to reduce taxes and fees on small business to encourage hiring and job growth" in Delaware.

Ronnie married his high school sweetheart, Amy, and sixteen years ago they moved to Greenwood, Delaware to raise their children. They have an 18-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter. Ronnie understands that same-gender couples should have the right to make the same commitments to each other and society, as he and his sweetheart did years ago. As long as the state is performing marriages for straight couples, then it is inherently unequal for a separate system of civil unions to exist for those couples.

Ronnie's opponent, Rep. David Wilson (R-Lincoln), voted against civil unions in 2011 and sponsored one of the "poison-pill" amendments designed to derail passage of S.B. 30, the civil unions bill, through the legislature. If you want responsible fiscal policies and a voice for small business but you want to move Delaware forward into the current era on social policies, the choice is clear. If you live in the 35th Representative District, please consider voting for Ronnie Fitzgerald on November 6th.

Bill HumphreyStatewide DirectorDelaware Right to Marry PAC

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