Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The absence of the rule of law: Mr. Obama's administration--some quick hits

1.  Soon drones will not even require a human operator to kill people.  They will be able to decide for themselves, relieving Mr. Obama of those tedious "kill sessions," while creating Skynet.

2.  Just because the US Congress voted to cut off funding for sending troops back to Iraq does not mean that Mr. Obama is going to stop.  He will take the money from elsewhere and--as usual for this administration--ignore the Constitution.

3.  In other laws that he does not like, and thus will ignore, Mr. Obama tells defense contractors he will pay their fines and legal fees for delaying required notices of lay-offs to workers until after the election.

One of the right's favorite memes is "Obama as Jimmy Carter redux."

This is clearly inaccurate.

Richard Nixon would be a far more appropriate choice as a precursor example.


tom said...

I suggest that Congress start defunding things until such time as the President starts obeying the law.

I would offer the following as a good start:

the President's salary,
the President's travel expenses,
Air Force 1 orerations,
the President's Press Secretary,
Secret Service Protection for the President,
followed by anything the President has used to fund his Iraq adventures--it can't be that critical if Mr Obama can
re-route it

Hube said...

I seem to recall Congress exercising its might during the Contra War in Nicaragua by cutting off funding and with the Boland Amendment.

delacrat said...


Obomba's abuses of power are now too numerous to list within most blog comment windows, but there's a handy link that does just that.


kavips said...

sorry to jump your thread....

but just saw this and you didn't have it up yet...

Two Sponsors Pull Out From Debates Over Exclusion Of Gary Johnson

I'm going to Lowes and buy some Phillips Light Bulbs as soon as it opens tomorrow.....

tom said...

I stand by my list above as "a good start". see You Won’t Believe What Taxpayers Spent On The Obama Family in 2012, from about a day after I posted my list of cuts.

and I for one would be up for a repeat of Iran Contra especially if some of the outcomes were different & really, really especially if we managed to Impeach & convict some people this time.

but even if it was just several years of interminable hearings, and a few dozen convictions that are eventually pardoned by the big O's successor, it would have the immensely beneficial effect of taking up time that Congress would otherwise spend passing bad legislation.