Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If you claim to be a Libertarian, and you support Mitt Romney, here's even more evidence that one of you is an idiot

First, a nonsensical piece by yet another conservative GOPer hack (Brady Cremeens, rhymes with "cretin," I think) out to make all us Libertarians feel guilty that because they nominated an idiot, if we don't vote for him, it's our fault Barack Obama gets re-elected.

And the paragraph by paragraph refutation at United Liberty.

And now the reality:

Today Mitt Romney announced that he supports the Patriot Act, but he doesn't know enough about the NDAA to say whether or not he would support indefinite detention.  He also implied that he supports torture for information gathering.

Yeah, that's right.

I could tolerate a man who understood the issue and didn't agree with my position.  I could even respect him.

But what do you do with a guy who wants to be President who hasn't even (apparently) bothered to examine critical legislation?


And if you support him?


delacrat said...

Steve, Romney's no idiot. It's not that Romney does not understand the NDAA. It's that he does not care what it says, for the simple reason that it does not impact him or his caste.

paulie said...

Will the real Willard please stand up?

tom said...

I love it.

Where do these Jackasses come from?

This Election cycle, the GOP had not one, but two excellent chances to appeal to both libertarians and constitutional conservatives. Both were arguably exactly what the GOP needed to split Obama's support by reaching out to the anti-war, pro-freedom, anti-drug-war, LGBT and fiscally responsible factions of the Democratic party. But no, they couldn't heap enough scorn and derision on these candidates and their supporters.

they laughed Gary Johnson, who won two terms as Governor in an overwhelmingly liberal state right out of the Republican party (and straight to the Libertarians, who were happy to say "Welcome, you're one of us!"). Then they filed frivolous suits in state after state to waste our money by trying to kick us off the ballots.

with Ron Paul, they resorted to oughtright fraud, election tampering and other crimes prevent him and his supporters from having any say in the nomination process.

and now that they've nominated a candidate that few Republicans actually wanted, but most could accept as a tolerable 4th or 5th choice, they send these fools crying to us, begging, "please Libertarians, you have to vote for the pathetic loser we've nominated so he doesn't embarrass us. You have to vote for Mitt because he's not Obama (never mind that his voting record is the same, or that he supports the same failed policies)"

Well, this Libertarian isn't stupid. You didn't want our opinion when you were casting your lot for the loser you now want us to back, and you won't care about us the day after the election.

Go to Hell and take your lesser of evils, Mitt Romney, with you. I'm voting for Gary Johnson because he's by far the best person running for President this year.

Anonymous said...

What Tom said.+1

Anonymous said...

What Tom said +2

John Galt