Sunday, October 14, 2012

The US and our militarized foreign policy

The US has now added Jordan as the latest place that we have deployed troops, which--although White House officials talk about it--is still a secret according to the Pentagon, which won't talk about it.

Meanwhile, while rabid military interventionist are using the dog whistle of Al Qaeda creating a new base in northern Mali to encourage continued American military interventions in Africa . . . .

. . . France is organizing an internal diplomatic and military effort from the ECOWAS allies in Africa to intervene.

Let's point out a couple details here for the uninformed:

1.  France, with the world's 8th most powerful military, has far fewer logistical difficulties operating in this area, far more diplomatic and economic ties to the area, and much more influence with most African nations.

2.  The government of Mali accepted the offer to deploy ECOWAS forces in the northern provinces in September, just three days before the US attempted to stall the deployment until that government (the people fighting AGAINST the fundamentalist revolutionaries in the north) agreed to new elections.

So here is a prime example of where a Libertarian foreign policy would come in handy and make far more sense than our current muddling through:

1.  We should not be contemplating an expansion of our military operations in Africa when one of our allies, France, which has fully adequate military and diplomatic capabilities in the region, is both willing and capable of doing so.  If France needs financial or diplomatic support, fine.  But there is no reason for American lives to be placed on the line in the remote hellhole.

2.  Likewise, we should not be telling the government of Mali that the cost of keeping fundamentalist terrorists from a reign of terror in the northern part of the country that the cost of an intervention which the French are arranging and the African states are conducting is new elections.

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delacrat said...

Al Qaeda, Shmal Qaeda...

Obomba's deploying US troops in Mali and Jordan because there aren't any US troops deployed there now.