Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Margaret Melson gets some major head-to-head coverage against Pete Schwarzkopf

The Cape Gazette again proves to be the most open news organization in the state toward carrying third party news and candidates.

A teaser that shows Margaret can hold her own with anybody:

Q: With redistricting, Dewey Beach has become part of the 14th Representative District. Do you support town officials in their efforts to reduce public drunkenness and promote a family-friendly environment?  Why or why not?Schwartzkopf: I believe in home rule – decisions should be made by the elected people closest to the problem or situation.  I will respect that philosophy and handle issues and complaints right up to the town limits of Dewey and let their elected council members handle the town.  I will always be prepared to lend assistance should they request it.  I love Dewey, and I think that the town leadership should draw a line in the sand and move forward seeking a partnership with the business community to address the issues of the day.
Melson: I support efforts to reduce public drunkenness on the basis of public safety and property destruction. These laws exist.  However, I find it patently absurd that someone would move next door to a nightclub and be shocked that it is loud at night and there are drunken people. No one forced you to buy there. It is your responsibility when you are purchasing property to be aware of the surrounding environment.


anonone said...

So she supports efforts to control private behavior (drunkenness) on the basis that a property crime or unsafe act MIGHT be committed by a publicly drunk person.

She sounds just like an ole "nanny" statist you Libertarians are always railing against.

Margaret Melson said...

I support enforcing laws that exist to protect private property rights and public safety. If a person chooses to become drunk, I could not care less....that is their choice. It becomes an issue if they run over someone, or ruin someone's front lawn, or disturb the rights of others. As long as the person in question is behaving within legal parameters agreed upon in the community where this person happens to be, that is not my business, nor yours. The people in the local community can set the laws and rules according to their standards. I live by the creed, do what you will, so long as it harms none. I suggest you might consider for yourself, as well.