Monday, October 8, 2012

The perils of socialized medicine (and just because it's Monday)


Anonymous said...

This story is at best decade-old error-filled news. If you read the original (try Google Translate on the Dutch:, you'll see that it was not a permanent injury. Contrast that with some cases under non-socialized medicine in the U.S. where guys have had permanent injury to their penises.

Steve Newton said...

Is it tough living out your life with no sense of humor?

You'd probably have been even more upset if I had printed the headline from Thailand, "Hippo eats dwarf."

Anonymous said...

What was the humor of it? You find it intrinsically funny for people get hurt? Then this story of a woman who caught on fire during her C-section should make your day:

Or was this just the Ann Coulter-type defense of "You're calling out what I said, so I'm going to say that you can't get a joke, because of course I was joking!"

"Hippo eats dwarf" has at least 3 obvious aspects of humor: the word "hippo," the word "dwarf," and the twist (a la "man bites dog") of an animal who eats a human rather than the other way around. Even if you think I have no sense of humor, I can analyze why someone would find something humorous. Please try such analysis on your post and see if it actually holds up as humor rather than as an after-the-fact defense.