Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yes we did that.

And I can live with it.  Hell, I'm pretty damn proud of the impact.


tom said...

I am fine with being a "spoiler" too.

What bothers me is the twisted logic that assholes like Dr. Richard Swier use to arrive at this conclusion:

They start with the assumption that we don't get to choose. Our votes do not belong to us--but to the candidate that they wanted to win.

Then they compound this folly by torturing the math until it appears to support their belief.

Does he really believe that the 16647 votes for Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr would have gone to Mitt Romney if they had not been on the ballot?

Does he seriously believe that every Libertarian would have voted for Mitt Romney if Gary Johnson had not run?

Duffy said...

I'm questioning whether the message is going to be received. The libertarian party is no stronger than it was with this result. The GOP will likely see the Johnson voters as ideologues who cannot be brought into the fold. The GOP will go through the self-examination that naturally follows such a loss but I'm not convinced they're going to accept that the answer (IMNHO) is social liberal and fiscal conservative. Rather I fear they're going to go back to exactly the opposite. Social Conservative and fiscal liberal.

Anonymous said...

I think the GOP is tone deaf to the Libertarian message. They will pander to the black and hispanic vote. I think they heard that one.

Steven H. Newton said...

I think you miss my point: I intend for the Libertarian Party to try and pry away the individuals within the GOP who are socially tolerant and fiscally conservative.

I could care less what the party does, and in fact would prefer it to remain hostile to libertarians.

tom said...

Don't confuse your messages. this one is directed at the media and election pundits, and it is that the Libertarian Party is no longer a factor that can be safely ignored.

We have an impact on the outcome of elections.

delacrat said...

"I think the GOP is tone deaf to the Libertarian message. They will pander to the black and hispanic vote. I think they heard that one." - Anonymous@10:57 AM

Why do you think appealing "to the black and hispanic vote", ...pandering ???

Duffy said...

Steve: got it. Do you think you/they can peel away enough GOP voters to gain enough momentum? The way I see it, the Tea Party is ideologically very close to libertarian if not Libertarian. I do think may of them are not as socially liberal.

My fear is that they will peel away enough to create one majority and two minority/rump parties which guarantees liberalism forever.