Saturday, June 22, 2013

Delaware Republic Party broke; Libertarian Party of Delaware fundraising

The story on the DE GOP being so broke it may have to lay off employes is almost too good to be true.

It's definitely too funny to miss:  check out the saddest fundraising letter in State history over at DelwareLiberal.

Ironically, in the meantime, the Libertarian Party of Delaware has begun its first-ever statewide fundraising campaign, and people are sending us money.

You could go here to donate today.

Take it from the proprietor of Delaware Politics, Dover City Councilman David Anderson, last month:
The Libertarians are growing to the point where they put up almost as many candidates as we do.
[One would also note another feature signifying the imminent demise of the GOP--David Anderson has basically ceded control of Delaware Politics to IPOD member Don Ayotte, who is using the blog on a weekly basis to condemn Republicans as part of the corrupt two-party system, and to try to recruit them out of the GOP on the very blog that used to be the GOP flagship in social media.]

Did I mention that the Libertarian Party of Delaware is fundraising quite successfully now?

And that you can donate here?

Why support Libertarians?  Because we are currently the only socially tolerant and fiscally conservative party in Delaware, that's why.


mynym said...

Because we are currently the only socially tolerant and fiscally conservative party in Delaware, that's why.

Why are you fiscally conservative?

Steven H. Newton said...

I'm assuming you mean "in what way" rather than "why," so here's the answer:

1. The LPD would cut the State budget significantly, by eliminated (among other things) the Strategic Investment Fund; reducing and/or eliminating the Office of the Secretary of Homeland Security and Public Safety and folding necessary functions back into the DSP; drastically reducing the budget of the DE DOE; cutting a variety of giveaway programs (free trips on the Kalmar Nickel) ...

2. The LPD would use the considerable savings there to reduce taxes--DE has one of the higher income tax rates in the nation

Is that a start for you?

mynym said...

It's a start. It just seems odd to start trying to "conserve" money that's being printed by a private banking cartel. As long as the paradigm holds that might be a worthy goal. But why not work to decentralize the currency and so forth? Because otherwise, it might be like trying to conserve currency/water in a bucket with holes in it and then expecting to be able to take a drink later.

Perhaps my question is still why... it usually is.

mynym said...

Libertarians are ultimately the closest to my philosophy, that's certain.

So... when are you running for office?

Steven H. Newton said...


(You know I hate your handle because it is really hard for poor dyslexic me to type :) .)

I have been consciously trying to shift the coverage and approach here to state issues rather than national ones. So while it is wonderful to philosophize about decentralizing the currency and such, the reality is that such is not what is important in doing things like running for the DE General Assembly. What is important there is how to best apply and most effectively apply libertarian concepts to state and local government.

So I talk about the budgeting process and what could actually be accomplished.

If you really want to know about Libertarian plans (including mine) with respect to running for office or public advocacy in 2014 feel free to go the right side of the blog and sign up for the LPD newsletter. You can do so anonymously and also unsubscribe at any time.

Depending on where you live, I'd love the chance to talk at an LPD meeting--I'm NCC chair and we meet the third Thursday of every month. I try to attend other meetings in Kent and Sussex on a rotating basis.