Friday, June 28, 2013

Governor Markell suddenly very careful about which regulations to streamline or ignore...

It is OK, of course, for Governor Markell to streamline his way past hospital review standards when he wants a new hospital approved in Middletown.  Just replace all the members of the review board who didn't vote his way the first time.

And it is OK, naturally, for Governor Markell to streamline his way past the Coastal Zone Act by consulting a private attorney, then claiming executive privilege, and then allowing DNREC to hide "secret" opinions from the Attorney General on the legality of it all.

But when advocates of streamling the process of certifying midwives did exactly what Governor Markell asked them to do, and brought up their suggestions, it was suddenly, ah, inappropriate.

From Momma Trauma:
About a year ago, Governor Jack Markell "required each department and agency within the Executive Branch that has adopted regulations subject to the Administrative Procedures Act... to conduct a review of certain well-established regulations on their books. The goal was to identify, then modify or eliminate, any regulations that have become outdated, duplicative or overly burdensome, or that otherwise no longer serve the purpose for which they were originally adopted," through Executive Order 36. 
Midwifery supporters were heard loud and clear through this effort during a public comment period. Out of 64 comments received for Delaware's Department of Health & Social Services, 62 of them were directly related to regulations currently in place for the Practice of Non-Nurse Midwifery.  
Despite this and information given directly to the Governor's staff in hopes of educating them further in their decision, "The Non-Nurse Midwifery comments did not fall within the scope of EO 36 because they relate to health and safety protections, not the streamlining of government or increasing efficiency. As such, the comments will be addressed in an appropriate setting and with the engagement of all stakeholders."
Really?  Seems to me that what Governor Markell considers "an appropriate setting" will be jail if HB 194 passes the Senate.

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