Sunday, June 23, 2013

On the witness stand, Governor Markell tells the truth

From one of his latest columns:
Hundreds of times, I’ve asked Delaware business leaders and entrepreneurs what our state can do for them.
Yep, he asked Fisker Automotive, Bloom Energy, and all three Racinos.

He asked JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, Ashland, Atlantis Industries, Capital One, Citi, and Kraft Foods.

And, despite what he says in his column, they didn't tell him that they needed better entry level employees, and that they wanted him to invest heavily in public education.

Nah, they told him they wanted money--tens of millions of dollars of state taxpayer money--or else, like Astrazeneca--they would simply leave this little "First State" behind.

And Governor Markell paid them off with tens of millions of what the News Journal finally acknowledges are our dollars:
However, this is a good time to remember the money does not belong to either the Legislature or the governor. It belongs to the taxpayers.
And just what do the editors of the News Journal demand that the Governor and the legislature do?
This unanticipated revenue should be invested in projects that will pay a return on the investment, rather than on projects that make a handful of constituents happy. 
Funny, that was not the line that the News Journal took over all of the Governor's hand-outs to his largest and most well-heeled corporate constituents.

That was not the line the editorial board took when lay-offs loomed for Delaware teachers or the Gateway Center drug rehab center prepared to close its doors forever because the state suddenly couldn't afford it.

No, then, the WNJ pretty much gave the same answer that covers the question of what Governor Markell's budget really looks and smells like.

Jack. Shit.

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