Monday, June 24, 2013

Maybe he just aspires to being Governor Markell's next press secretary

Nothing else really explains yet another gubernatorial press release being passed off by the WNJ's Matthew Albright as news.

In this case we are treated to cheerleading for an increase in Middle School mental health professionals that has been in the budget for months.  No particular reason to cover it right now except to make the Governor look good.

[For the record, the appropriation is actually not a bad idea; that's not my point.]

Nor is the article used to explore any of the trade-offs involve in finding the extra $3 million for this.

For example, as critical as middle school mental health professionals may be, educational diagnosticians are equally critical at the elementary level.  But due to lack of funds in the current Markell education budget those positions are quietly being cut left and right by cash strapped districts.  You'd think it would have made an interesting journalistic juxtaposition--we can't have everything, but should we be spending it on this but not that.  No such luck.  What we got from the News Journal again today in either legislative or education reporting (not sure which) was another press release claiming to be news.


Anonymous said...

It's a worse idea than many think, and it's rife with hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

It looks like this amendment increased the evidence burden on the state.$file/legis.html?open