Thursday, June 27, 2013

HB 88 dies in the Senate, or, why we have two houses in the General Assembly

Those who watched a severely flawed HB 88 glide through the House of Representatives on a 40-1 vote must have wondered (I certainly did) whether anything could be done to stop it in the Senate.  Give a lot of credit to the Delaware Campaign for Liberty for a massive organizing effort to end up with the Senate defeating the measure decisively, 13-6.

HB 88, of course, was the bill ostensibly to provide for taking guns away from the severely mentally ill, but which--as Tom pointed out to me (and I agree with his argument against my original position)--was so deeply flawed that it amounted to virtual license for police to go after almost anyone's guns at any time.

There is an extra takeaway here for those of us fighting against HB 194 (severe penalties for Delaware midwives).  That bill also swept through the House on a 39-0 vote.  I have been sending out as much material as possible to Senators (if you need ammunition--ouch! bad pun today--check out this post) in an effort to derail this VERY BAD BILL.

Delaware is a small enough state where your voices do matter, so I would ask every Libertarian to stand behind their fellow citizens in supporting the freedom of families to choose to have their children at home.

Please communicate with your Senator today.

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