Tuesday, June 18, 2013

That dagger in Pete Schwarzkopf's back ...

... was put there by Governor Markell.

So remember that budgets are choices, and those choices tell us what our priorities really are?

Fresh off announcing last week that Delaware needs $80 million in new taxes, Governor Jack Markell now discovers that there will be an additional $21.3 million available from unanticipated tax revenue.

How does the Governor recommend we spend it?

Stopping massive lay-offs in our public schools?  No.

Funding health care coverage for more poor children? No.

Increased enforcement of Delaware's environmental regulations? No.

Nah, none of that kind of stuff.

Instead, Governor Markell wants to spend $8 million bailing out Delaware casinos, plus

In addition to the casino proposal, Visalli also proposed spending $6.9 million of the new money on road projects, $10 million on a new shipping crane and other infrastructure at the Port of Wilmington and $8.7 million on minor capital projects for schools and state agencies. 
The administration also proposed returning $7.8 million to state programs for open space and farmland preservation, which had been cut in the governor’s recommended budget.
The funny part about all of this is how Markell has just shot Speaker Pistol Pete Schwarzkopf in the back.

Remember this from last week, when the Governor's boy in the House said ABSOLUTELY NOT to a casino bail-out?

House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf said casino executives lobbying for a tax cut are "out of luck" this year, despite threats of layoffs. 
Executives from Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc., one of Dover's largest employers, have been meeting with lawmakers to request a tax break before the end of the session on June 30. 
Schwartzkopf said the state's $3.7 billion budget depends on revenues from casinos, which could be dramatically affected if lawmakers alter tax rates. 
"We got a budget done," Schwartzkopf said, noting that the General Assembly's budget-writing Joint Finance committee has completed markup of Gov. Jack Markell's budget. "You don't go back and open it back up."

Rule One of Delaware politics these days:  it is more dangerous to be the Governor's friend than to be his enemy.

Rule Two:  while the dagger is in Pete's back, don't worry about it because the Governor's captive newspaper will never run a line like, "At complete odds with what the Speaker of the House assured voters last week, the Governor ..."


Hube said...

Visalli also proposed spending $6.9 million of the new money on road projects

No doubt most of which will go towards projects that AREN'T NEEDED. Like Rt. 40 (near where I currently live), whereas northern Foulk Rd. (north of Silverside Rd. near where I used to live) continues to remain in squalor-like condition.

What a joke.

kavips said...

$8 million for casino's... but we had to put good jobs in jeapordy to sell off to Kinder Morgan because the port was suffering a budget shortfall of $1 million a year....


Anonymous said...

Im so confused. I thought democrats wanted to do nothing to help big business and preferred to cure the social woes.

tom said...

Anonymous, you must be thinking about the other kind of Democrats -- not the ones in office but the little deluded dupes who voted for them.

tom said...

I never believed that Googly had a sense of irony, but it gave me this as a CAPCHA on my last comment...

Anonymous said...

First, lets be clear! Jack Markell is a republican who registered as a democrat so he could run and win as Governor. Lets not forget 3500 republicans changed parties to accomplish it. Second, Markell is closing down the only state funded detox center in Delaware city because (the state has no $ for a roof)! 60 beds gone. Jack has State Agencies and their stakeholders going around the State Legislature (just as he did with the Port) in this case its the statewide asset "Stockely Center" in Sussex. They want to make that 750acre complex into a park. There are 66 severely handicapped people who cannot be moved into group homes. The infrastructure is already in place. Cottages, kitchen etc and plenty of space for rehabilitation. But nope not Jack, he wont fund these facilities while crime and drug abuse (especially oxycontin and heroin) are at all all time high. Attackaddictions.com is a group of family members whose children are dead or dying and can't get ANY help from the state. In 2011 the Div. of Substance Abuse provided in their own report "we have NO infrastructure", and they still do not. Last night the Wilmington City Council unanimously endorse a Resolution to make Stockely Center into a mental health evaluation, assessment center along with an appropriate Drug/alcohol Rehab. Center. WE are fighting back against the insane, immoral, dealings Jack Markell is interested in, corporations, banksters, big pharma, and privatizing our public schools. Who is this man, well is NO democrat.

tom said...

Thanks for the laugh Anon,

I can fully understand why Democrats would want to deny any responsibility for Jack Markell

But the rest of your conspiracy theory is just absurd & delusional. Are you perhaps one of those disgruntled Delaware City Detox patients?

Or would you actually have us believe that Markell is some sort of Republican sleeper agent who changed parties in 1998 to beat Janet Rzewnicki as part of a long term plan to become Governor?