Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oops. So much for the Earl Jacques "lone legislator" theory of HB 165

Of course Earl wrote it himself.

Just as Kendall Massett of the Charter School Network says:
The bill is the product of a collaborative effort among stakeholders across Delaware’s education landscape.
Funny, the only place those discussions were held was in the Governor's Charter School working group, which we have been repeatedly assured had nothing to do with writing the proposed law.

Earl, I feel you.  I hate it when that happens to me, too.


Mike O. said...

It was a diverse group of stakeholders, meaning there were representatives from multiple charter schools.

Anonymous said...

By George, I think I got it! We were confused Steve. The news must have misquoted Miss Massett. It was supposed to read "diverse group of SHAREHOLDERS". Why no doubt there will be a page 72 correction anyday now, to allay all our misdirected anger. :)

Nancy Willing said...

Similar characterizations were made in the committee hearing yesterday which belied Jaques assertion that this was not a product of the working group.

The phrase working group itself it what the DDOE is hanging its hat on to provide that it was not FOIA'able. But yesterday it was frequently called a committee by DDOE etc. in their comments.

I took notes.