Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Joe Miro thinks anti-discrimination should only happen when it is cheap or free

That's not really fair on my part.

I suspect that the reason 22nd District Representative Joe Miro (my state rep, who has yet to EVER answer ANY communication to him, no matter how polite or succinctly worded) was one of the 17 House Reps voting in favor of Trans-Gender discrimination is that the whole subject just makes him queasy.

That, at least, would be both more honest and more credible than saying it was potentially too expensive:
“There’s a lot of different pieces here we are not addressing that may in fact create a demand for some of our state facilities that we fund directly or indirectly,” said Rep. Joe Miro, R-Pike Creek.
The trouble with getting people behind Trans-Gender legislation is that while most people today know someone who is gay, or even a gay couple, most people don't know (or know they know) a Trans-Gendered individual.

Mostly this is because Trans-Gendered individuals are so vulnerable in our society that they try to just live their lives quietly and under the radar.

But, again, let's be fair to Joe Miro--or at least accurate.

He didn't vote for marriage equality, either.

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