Thursday, April 9, 2009

Breaking : Governor Markell Signs SB 7

Ed Osborne reports on WDEL that Jack Markell just signed SB 7, legislation protecting property rights in Delaware.

Kudos to the Governor.

Major kudos and congratulations to one-man crusade Ed Osborne of Osborne's Auto on A Street in Wilmington. Ed has been fighting this battle for nearly 3 years.

Finally, a piece of legislation strengthening our rights against the abuses and intrusions of governments in Delaware.


Nancy Willing said...

There are probably two severe flaws in this bill. The way it is written exempting DelDOT and DNREC. And if what the WNJ says is true about the man's Bear property being threatened by Hanna and Shawn Tucker and DelDOT. From the way DelDOT/Tucker is interpreting thr exemption under SB 7, DelDOT may use it's powers of eminent domain to force a purchase of a lot from a landowner for its use as a private entrance to a strip mall. Can the exemption be used for anything but Public Road Ways or can DelDOT's provisions be used for private gain? It seems that there is a huge loophole in the bill.

Tyler Nixon said...

Agreed, Nancy. It will take Markell's (or any Governor's) possessing the willingness and desire to order DelDot (and to a lesser extent, if necessary, DNREC) to butt the f**k out of private land negotiations involving private development.

This is where the bear sits in the buckwheat. Markell certainly has the power. The dept chiefs are his appointees. It will say much if Markell just sloughs the issue of on the will of the lower-level bureaucrats and careerists, cozy with private developer interests.