Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Year On, Relevant As Ever

Damn I am proud to be associated in any way with Steve Newton...

From a year ago :

I really wish you would run for office, Steve. I believe you could really bring real hope of real change with the type of intellectual and political honesty, absent hubris and self-aggrandizement, for which so many people still thirst these days.

I think you could offer excellent public leadership, free of political careerism, cronyism, and patronage or partisan interest, while consistent in offering constructive ideas, measured action, and specific realizable alternatives to runaway illicit and/or ill-conceived state powers, no matter at what level or of what variety.


Anonymous said...

"I really wish you would run for office, Steve."

Hell yeah!


a most peculiar nature said...

Ditto what miscreant said !

It is so great to read analyses where it is obvious that the research has been done. While I probably won't always agree 100% with every single position (which would be impossible), I know that Steve always does his homework. He is quite humbling.

He is always the first read of my day.