Monday, April 6, 2009

Just a simple question: Have we gone crazy?

OK, so North Korea launched a missile.

And apparently a majority of Americans--Republicans and Democrats alike--think the appropriate response should be a military strike:

57% of American voters favor a military response to North Korea’s rocket launch.

Rasmussen reports that a majority of Americans want the U.S. government to take military action against North Korea after the communist country launched a long range missile (which landed in what was an epic failure in the middle of the Pacific Ocean).

President Obama condemned the rocket launch in the strongest words possible earlier this weekend. However, he said beforehand he would not order the U.S. military to intercept the North Korean rocket. Instead, Obama waited for the North to make the next move, and said after the rocket was launched that he would ask the United Nations to subject it to tougher sanctions than ever before.

Interestingly, a broad consensus exists among voters: 57% favor a military response, 28% are not sure, while only 15% oppose it. 15% is a remarkably low percentage. Support for military action is, as you’d expect, higher among Republicans (66%) than under Democrats (52%), but the difference is relatively neglible.

Do we never get it? This is what allowed Dubya to take us into endless foreign military adventures.


Delaware Watch said...

Polls like that one make me feel hopeless.

kavips said...

What if the polling data was just made up?

What if it is simply not true?

How do we know it's true?

How do we know it's real?

Since most Americans were uninformed about this missile anyway, where did they find these few who adamantly want to go to war?

Your are being manipulated if you take national polls seriously.