Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why I Agree With Those Who Might Say : "We Need Newer, Better Democrats"

....of course, I would further argue we need a whole new set of citizen representatives that are new to politics or elected office, as a general statement.

We need far far better stewards, or how about just any faithful stewards whatsoever, of public trust.

This means wholesale dumping the perpetual, entrenched professional political careerists who only pose and posture as public servants, who use the smoke and fog of their partisan warfare to obscure how they have been the core problem all along.

Witness Barney Frank's deplorable rambling meltdown of insidery gibberish nonsense, in response to a simple question - loaded or not :

A national lawmaker or official as culpable, as federal establishment "tenured", and as politically-entrenched (28 years in the U.S. House) as Frank who could be as twisted, partisan, and self-serving as Frank is in evading any responsibility for the state of the nation is patently unfit to serve in any public office.

Frankly, only George Bush parallels Frank's incoherent "mea non culpa". Barney Frank at least seems intelligent enough to have given a marginally-better performance of dodge-and-weave. But I guess even "smart" people can only maintain being two-faced frauds for so long.

Now, despite attempts by the GOP's mortal enemies (like Frank) to continually prop up and paint political corpses or radio show hosts as the GOP's living embodiment, the GOP has undergone a serious sweeping away of just about all of the major figures of the big government Republicanism that brought the party to its current low.

The GOP got its ass kicked, the country purged of its worst elements from therein.

I mean, really, who is left?

The GOP is so beaten down it is at a "blank slate" point, really...righteously out of power and susceptible to re-direction from the grass roots.

Unfortunately, in its place have risen people like Barney Frank, Hoyer, Pelosi, etc etc, ad vomitus, who are all essentially just the partisan flip side of the same elitist power assholes who would run the universe from their Washington DC bubble world.

Whether or not the GOP ever returns to any power in the future, good riddance to its insidious bastards who drove the country to its knees by co-opting a major / majority political party, whether the theocons, neocons, greed-o-cons, or whatever have you.

Good. Frigging. Riddance. May you never ever hold power again.

As an American and a Republican I love it that they have been wiped out of power by the Democrats' skillful exploitation of their idiocy and duplicity, if only temporarily to be replaced with the Democrats' flip side collectivist lunacy.

The GOP should never ever ever rise again if not as a party of limited constitutional government for which individual liberty is the paramount function, period.

But equally, the unreformed entrenched Democrats (whose only real success has been to capitalize on the GOP's implosion) should not for long maintain any gush of newfound...and what will, believe me, be fleeting....power.

The Democrat majority now similarly embraces a program perhaps even more antithetical to a limited constitutional government for which individual liberty is the paramount function. They deserve to get their asses kicked too.

I believe the Democrats, for which there is only one new national face really - albeit an important one, will sooner than later face the consequences for how they are failing America as they clamor to service their quite-stifling, narrow government-centric ideology...just as did the GOP.

The hubristic coercive excesses that righteously killed the GOP in its recent dismal form will inevitably kill the present Democrat power class who are hellbent on essentially even more of the same, now that the power has (purely by default) fallen into their grubby hands.

How soon the bell will toll for the D's depends on questions such as whether the leftover husk of the Republican party is embraced by newer and younger activists smart enough and principled enough, in near and future incarnations, to fully serve the cause of limited constitutional government for which individual liberty is the paramount function.

Or whether the national GOP will simply remain in the grip of failed ideas and operators who will only resume the same GOP M.O. in recent years of power : talking a good game about limited government and maximized individual liberty, while in reality nearly out-doing the Democrats' almost-genetic federal/national megalomania.

Or even whether, as Newt Gingrich forewarns, a viable 3rd-party will finally form around limited government principles the Republicans have recently betrayed and Democrats have always rejected.

Gingrich opines this party would be "conservatives", but it is more likely to be libertarians (paleo-conservative or otherwise), whether Gingrich realizes it or not.

"If the Republicans can't break out of being the right wing party of big government, then I think you would see a third party movement in 2012", said Gingrich recently.

I do not believe the Republican Party or the Democrat Party will or should ever ever succeed in foisting any agenda on this country that is fundamentally out of step with limited constitutional government, for which individual liberty is the paramount function.

Unfortunately this is all we have gotten from both for decades, working in vicious tandem. It persists worse than ever today.

No matter how skillful are either party's self-serving manipulations of the bi-polar political pendulum or how cynically and successfully they exploit its windows of partisan opportunity, their corrosive and spiritually-stagnant machinations are increasingly laid bare in real time in this speed-of-light information age.

It won't be long before generational changes ensure these exposures have immediate and real consequences from which incumbency and entrenchment will never again provide the type of immunity that still lingers around the Barney Franks of the world.

I can only hope the voting public will more and more embrace and act on the reality of how much unaccounted-for detriment that partisan careerist government controllers have far far too long inflicted and continue to inflict on this country.

New and better Democrats? Yes. New and better Republicans? Sure. A new and better party or parties? Yay!

New and better anybody would be an improvement, especially after such glimpses above into the perverse mindset of craven duplicitous power politicians like Barney Frank and George Bush, and the ilk that surround and support them.

At least we can say Bush is gone, as well as the parasitic garbage (Bushies) that brought him.

If only the Democrats could sweep their own trash away without need of a Republican counter-takeover...


Anonymous said...

Damn, Tyler, I agree with you on almost every word of this post.

Except the part about "New and better Republicans." :)

Honestly, I think the only way we are going to get there is through public campaign financing and election reform.

Great post.


Anonymous said...

I was amazed by the guy in the video. I just shot him an e-mail applauding the whole thing. Damn, Fwank's an ass.

Mike W. said...

"If only the Democrats could sweep their own trash away without need of a Republican counter-takeover..."

It would appear neither party really ever sweeps away their own trash.