Thursday, April 23, 2009

Without need for title

[h/t Anarchist Bitch]


Anonymous said...

Never mind the travesty of using a coffin for some political purpose.

Inside the coffin is some family member,
that does not give a damn about YOUR ‘labels’.

Inside that coffin, is a
soldier, marine airman or sailor that volunteered.
Which one was Black? White, Yellow? Brown? Red?
Which one was poor?
Which one followed in a parent, grandparent or uncle’s previous service?
Which one was well off?
Which one was an Officer?
Which one was Enlisted?
Which one was a Boy Scout?
Which one believed in Duty, Honor and Country?

The missing coffin is the liberal that does not believe in Duty, Honor or Country [ conflicting values with being progressive, and all that.].
The missing coffin is the one of the person without a HS degree. [ unqualified ]
The missing coffin is the convicted criminal, who would rather rob, steal and injure others, instead of providing positive and responsible service to others. AND contribute to helping society and this country to succeed. [ unqualified ]
The missing coffin is the drug addict and one with the immune deficiency and blood disease. [health ]
The missing coffin is the person who is overweight. [health and physical fitness ]

Remember, BIGOTRY works BOTH ways. It is intolerance to the beliefs of others. Defining a belief as indisputable, when there are opposing beliefs, is just a matter of trying to control the argument. It still is BIGOTRY, hidden by the political correctness scam.

Tolerance does not mean nor demand ACCEPTANCE.

I may or might tolerate your beliefs and actions, and STILL be adamant that I do not ACCEPT such behavior.

And I and everyone else should be allowed, within the original meanings of the first amendment to exercise my right to an opinion, and to voice that opinion.

Your liberty ends where my liberty begins. And vice-versa [ sp? ] .

Paul F.

Steven H. Newton said...

13,000 gay Americans have been discharged from the armed forces over the past ten years.

Very few if any had actually engaged in any conduct that is criminal.

On the other hand, during the same period the US military accepted over 10,000 people for enlistment with "moral waivers" that allowed the recruiters to overlook convictions--fucking convictions--for sexual assault, manslaughter, grand theft or other felony.

I served 20+ years; some of the finest officers, NCOs, and enlisted people with whom I served had to spend their entire career pretending to be something they were not. Several were discharged under other than honorable conditions for no crime whatsoever.

With all due respect, on this issue you have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, on this issue you have no idea what you are talking about.

With all due respect, I have my opinion.

With all due respect, do you presume, by virtue of your supreme intelligence and knowledge base to tell me I am wrong?

Then in this political world, all you need to control is the politics of the situation. And then you can demand of me to become compliant. And otherwise, then you can just declare that I am misinformed.


With all due respect, fuck you.