Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh, Shut Up Wayne

I've written several times about the debasement of the Libertarian National Committee and the transformation of the LP's national organization into a sclerotic neo-conservative echo chamber.

But we've now got ourselves a walking, talking self-parody of that extreme in the form of Wayne Root, and it's all in embarrassing clarity.

Wayne thinks that Obama loves bailouts because it allows him to dictate terms to American big business, who have just been forced by bailout mania to all come for their gummint cheese, which Mr. Obama has had the audacity of attaching conditions to.

I guess a REAL anti-socialist government would give them a bailout without conditions, or something like that.

On the front page of his web site, he has an interview with "Michael Savage," the fringe-right commentator who famously told a dissenting caller "Oh, so you're one of those sodomites. You should only get AIDS and die, you pig; how's that?"

Because we need that sort of media attention as Libertarians. It makes Bill Redpath's laughable bunny rabbit interview look desirable in comparison!

Root recently bragged that he'd helped decapitate the "anti-war Libertarians," which is sorta like bragging that he kicked out the small-government Libertarians, or the personal liberties Libertarians, or the individual rights Libertarians.

With each passing day, his interactions become increasingly Freeperish.

And as Libertarians, we're affiliated with this guy. He speaks not just as a self-described "Libertarian," but as our former VP nominee in the last election!

And let's face it -- if you're a pro-war, anti-gay, "states' rights," hate-Obama, love Michael Savage sort of voter, which party are you going to choose... the LP, whose platform stands against every single one of those positions and which has little chance of a victory -- or the GOP, which enshrines most of those values in its party platform and culture?

It's enough to make those few people who still care about what's left of the LP's national stature depressed.

Seriously, Wayne, money might be tight after closing up shop, but there's a surplus supply of angry blustering white guys screaming about "socialism" and "business" and "Obama."

The Libertarian Party doesn't need your shenanigans, nor do the Republicans. Go for a job better suited for your demeanor -- there's a recent opening I'm sure would fit just fine.


pandora said...

Wayne's picking some crazy adjectives! ;-)

Eric Dondero said...

Decapitating "anti-War" libertarians is more akin to kicking out the Fascist faction of the Libertarian Party.

You simply cannot call yourself a "libertarian" and at the same time support the likes of Saddam Hussein.

Good for Wayne! I knew there was a reason I liked the guy.

Tyler Nixon said...
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Tyler Nixon said...

"You simply cannot call yourself a "libertarian" and at the same time support the likes of Saddam Hussein."

What self-proclaimed libertarian of any stripe anywhere ever "supported" Saddam Hussein?

pandora said...

I think in Eric's world...

Anti-War = Supporting Saddam

(Welcome to my world, Tyler!)

Cork said...

Root recently bragged that he'd helped decapitate the "anti-war Libertarians,"I believe you, but could you provide some kind of link? IPR should publish this.

I want Root finished for good.