Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From Reason, A Little Video on Our Uber-Patriotic Tax Policy Makers and Masters

With the # 2 grinning big mouth, once the "poorest" U.S. Senator (except for his multi-million $$$ estate and his 37-year all-expenses-paid-by-the-public incumbent lifestyle), leading the "patriotic" charge...

Incidentally, Joe Biden has an AGI of $269,256. His charitable giving : $1885.

What. A. Cheapskate.

I heard one reporter repeating the Bidens' COMPLETELY BOGUS attempt to cover for their quite paltry charity : "We give time and energy, beyond money, to our church and other causes."

This is complete bullshit. The Bidens devote no real time or energy to anything but their political advancement, 'round the clock. Period.

Joe wants others not on his public dole to be more "patriotic" with their actually-earned incomes.

Hey Joe, time for your skinflint self to be more charitable, time to contribute something back, time to help others out less fortunate than you, buddy.

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