Sunday, April 15, 2012

And only for pandora . . . or anyone else with a conscience . . .


Oh, and this.


pandora said...

Why do you always assign me homework? ;-)

I'm reading now...

Steven H. Newton said...

Because, unlike my students, you will actually do it.

Hopefully because you know that I will only steer you to good things.

pandora said...

Oh, wow. Just finished "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas." Oh, wow.

Initial thoughts - god, I have so many. Can society flourish without the poor, the handicapped, the suffering (the forgotten child)?

Is Omelas truly a happy place? Can you recognize happiness without experiencing sorrow?

Is beauty/happiness real if it's only skin deep - Is it real if its very existence is based on ugliness?

Do Omelas' adults accept the situation because it benefits their children - and their children are their first, and only, priority?

What is the forgotten child worth? Everything - because the child's existence guarantees Omelas' existence? Nothing - in the terms of humanity?

Yeah, I would be one of the ones who walked away - mainly because everything built upon that child is a lie.